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22 August 2010

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coffee, hot or cold?
21 August 2010

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sailing away
14 August 2010

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26 July 2010

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s - light
26 June 2010

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the cemetery
9 June 2010

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under the red tree
6 June 2010

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20 May 2010

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the red car
19 May 2010

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rajabai tower
13 May 2010

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the tea gardens
9 May 2010

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delivering roses
28 April 2010

Thumbnail image

now playing
23 April 2010

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the random sky
1 April 2010

Recent Comments

Céline on the tolling bell
It reminds me of the movie "vertigo" : )

Miti on king george IV
wow! super shot! Excellent

Phil on king george IV
Pretty with the bird on the head ! Funny shot ! Phil

SOUL AFLAME on king george IV
Impressive architecture and a great POV.

Steve Rice on king george IV
That bird loves the statue. ;-)

aubelia on the mist of munnar

Céline on king george IV
Funny shot ! Happy new year !

Sunder on king george IV
Happy New Year!!

PRASHANT on king george IV
Happy new Year !!

Katalog Stron on king george IV
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Behrooz Sangani on king george IV
Lost in thought, and lost in time...

Kala on king george IV
Wonderful perspective.

✿ Anina ✿ on king george IV
King George with his horse and bird :) A wonderful shot.

MARIANA on king george IV
wonderful image . super statute !

Annie Viguié on king george IV
I love the bird on the head of this statue !

Steve Rice on king george IV

flyingwind风飞扬 on king george IV
Great contrast!

JJ on king george IV
Great shot of this statue, I am thinking of moving to another site for a blog next year but not sure where or how yet

Yvon on king george IV
Great statue capture

SOUL AFLAME on king george IV
The statue looks so regal and imposing against the sky. Nicely captured with a great POV.

AMH on king george IV
imponente !!!!! muy buena foto !!!! . bonita semana ;-)

Sunder on king george IV
Superb shot in B & W! Nice angle and details...

PRASHANT on king george IV

Jyoti on king george IV

Siepi on the bell tower
Rather special bell tower, modern. Well framed, nice photo.

Curly on on a rainy evening
This needs a focal point, somewhere for the eyes to rest upon.

Jyoti on gadkari rangayatan
looks gr8...

PRASHANT on the maratha king
Nicely captured...

Punit on gadkari rangayatan
Nice capture - what exact location is this?

PRASHANT on gadkari rangayatan

Maarhuthi on reflections
Blur reflection ~!!

Curly on reflections
Oh dear, what has gone wrong here? Was this a hand held shot without a tripod? Always try and use a tripod for these ...

Maarhuthi Srinivas on reflections
Lovely reflections !

Jyoti on reflections

Jyoti on the lake temple VI
i liked the tree! its looking gr8

Nishana Minhaz on mumbai tracks III
Oh my! That's a lot of lines, railway and electric n what not! running up and down! PS: IMHO, maybe you could crop ...

mikel on the lake temple IV
belleza de colores saludos desde castro urdiales -spain-

Sunder on the lake temple IV
Nice shot! love the framing and colours...

Jyoti on the lake temple IV

Curly on the lake temple IV
Beautifully coloured, is it in flood?

Jyoti on the lake temple III
good one...

Sunder on the lake temple
Great shot! Nice angle and colours...

Jyoti on the lake temple
nice angle...

PRASHANT on mumbai tracks IV

PRASHANT on the lake temple

Tom on mumbai tracks IV
Nice image, reflects the hard life from some people in Mumbay

Curly on mumbai tracks IV
Eye opening educational shot, thanks for sharing.

Larry Elkins on mumbai tracks IV

Jyoti on mumbai tracks III
Great POV

Jyoti on mumbai tracks II
too good...! super timing...

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